Woven Sponge Straps (set of 2) for body

These two woven sponge straps are the perfect addition to your bath or shower routine: a soft yellow strap for gentle washing, and a firmer blue strap for removing dead skin cells. 
These straps can be used in the bath or shower and are fitted with two handy cords for easy use. Their special nylon construction creates a rich lather from your favorite soap or shower gel. They also provide superb exfoliation action. The straps rinse quickly with plain water to stay fresh and clean. The cords on each end make it simple to hang and store the straps in the bathroom, for easy access anytime.

Tips from Solifa
Very easy to use: Simply position the strap across the back and hold each end to easily scrub your back for complete cleanliness.

V 348    Set of 2 Woven Sponge Straps
Blue woven strap, not including handles: 30 cm, 80 cm stretched
Yellow woven strap, not including handles: 35 cm, 140 cm stretched

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