Removable Back-Scrubbing Brush for body

This wooden Removable Back-Scrubbing Brush made of juniper is extremely useful in the bath or shower. With a total length of 43 cm, it makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach parts of the body, like the back. And the strap on the back of the removable brush lets you remove the handle and use the brush alone to scrub easier-to-reach areas.

This Back-Scrubbing Brush has soft bristles and is lightweight, yet very sturdy. The convenient cord makes it easy to store the brush anywhere you choose to hang it. This is an accessory that you’ll soon not want to live without!

Tips from Solifa
This brush will make it possible for you to reach your back effortlessly, and also scrub other, more accessible parts of the body with the removable brush.

V 373    Removable Back-Scrubbing Brush

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