Dry Body Oil with Olive –
Peach & Apricot Fragrance

You skin and hair will once again be soft and beautiful when you use this precious blend of oils with a tantalizing fruit scent. This dry oil penetrates quickly and easily to give your body all the nourishing and softening properties of the Olive. The carrot oil macerate in this mixture has softening and soothing properties, as well. Enjoy a true moment of pleasure with this exceptional dry oil! It has a non-greasy texture, so all skin types can experience new softness and the delicate fragrance this oil will leave behind...

Tips from Solifa
Apply the oil to the body with massaging motions to speed penetration. Our Dry Oil has the distinction of being easily absorbed by the skin, so it leaves no greasy feeling.

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The olive tree is a majestic tree that grows wild in the Mediterranean basin.
Olive oil has many properties and is widely used in cosmetics for its nourishing and emollient virtues.

C 285    100 ml pump bottle

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