Smoothing Hand Cream

Olive oil is the key active ingredient in this rich cream. The oil is has a high essential fatty acid content, along with Vitamins A and E, making it both nourishing and softening.
Vitamin E mainly acts as an antioxidant. This Hand Softening Cream softens and protects your hands, with a verbena fragrance that adds a wonderful touch of freshness.

Tips from Solifa
Apply cream daily to hands to keep skin soft, supple, and smooth.

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The olive tree is one of the oldest trees in the world, with origins dating back to the mists of time. Its history is intertwined with that of civilizations that developed around the Mediterranean basin and which have left their mark on Western culture.
Olive oil is a true gift of nature for our beauty, health, and well-being.

C 474    100 ml tube

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