Soothing Balm with Thyme

This Soothing Thyme Balm is rich in essential oils, each with many virtues, so it soothes and relaxes sore muscles. It is particularly recommended when experiencing pain or stiffness after exercise, sports, or prolonged standing.
This balm will help you maintain your freedom of movement.

Tips from Solifa
Apply Soothing Thyme Balm on the sore muscle and gently massage to rub the cream into skin.

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The essential oil extracted from thyme is rich in thymol and has relaxing properties. This blend of Eucalyptus essential oil with toning action, and essential oils of Camphor and Clove, which are stimulating, soothing and calming, creates an indispensable product to keep around the house.

C 742    50 ml jar

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