Eau de Cologne

Solifa’s Eaux de Colognes are stimulating and refreshing creations that leave intoxicating floral notes on the skin…

Violet Scent The violet is a simple, very fragrant, light purple flower that represents passion and love.

Lavender Scent A summer flower of bright blue-violet – the scent is the very symbol of Provence, delicate and invigorating.

Muguet Scent This springtime plant with small green sprigs hung with very fragrant white bells has a scent that is generally used as a middle note in perfumes.

Rose Scent The rose, long adored for its fresh, delicate fragrance, has always been used in perfumery. The rose in Solifa’s Eau de Cologne recalls the scent of rose gardens.

Bergamot Scent The fruit of the bergamot resembles a tiny green orange that becomes yellow as it ripens. It has a heavenly scent, as well as therapeutic virtues.

Camellia Scent Camellia flowers have marvelous fragrance – fresh, fruity, and delicate.

Violet C 308
Lavender C 386
Muguet C 539
Rose C 540
Bergamot C 619
Camellia C 620

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