Callus-Soft Stick

This stick’s unique formula softens corns and calluses. It is made with propolis, which has purifying and softening properties; cleansing eucalyptus essential oil; cade macerate, well-known for its healing virtues; and the soothing action of allantoin.

Tips from Solifa
Apply directly to calluses and corns on clean, dry feet.

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The word “propolis” is a Greek word meaning “ensuring the watertightness and solidity of the city.” Propolis is one of the main products used by bees to strengthen their beehives. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, and Romans found therapeutic uses for propolis as an anti-infective, a healing treatment, and a softener.

C 043 - 5 ml stick
C 562 - Two 5 ml sticks

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