2 in 1 Gentle Scrub and Nourishing Cream

This 2-in-1 gentle scrub with olive is a clever combination of a gentle exfoliating scrub made from olive pits and a nourishing cream made from essential oils of Scots pine, eucalyptus, and mint, all chosen for their soothing, cleansing properties. This cream helps eliminate dead skin cells that accumulate, causing a thickening of the skin which leads to a loss of suppleness and flexibility. Your feet will stay cool, fresh-feeling, and healthy.

Tips from Solifa
Begin by gently exfoliating the feet with the roller, with special attention to rougher patches of skin. Then unscrew the upper portion of the tube to open. Apply cream and massage into skin to help penetrate.

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The olive tree is a majestic tree that is a symbol of the Mediterranean regions. It is a member of the Oleaceae family, with fruit that is widely used in cosmetics for its remarkable moisturizing qualities.

C 645    30 ml cream tube and roller ball

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