Relax’ Feet – Menthol

Relax’Feet is a dissolving bead rich in peppermint, Siberian pine, and Artemisia that relieve the little aches and pains of life. It also contains menthol, which relieves minor aches and pains. These active ingredients give Relax’Feet soothing, refreshing, and energizing properties. These little mint balls are the ideal solution for relaxing and refreshing world-weary feet!

Tips from Solifa
Drop a Relax’Feet bead in a 5-liter basin of hot water. Let water cool slightly, then soak feet for about 10 minutes and massage gently.

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Traces of use of peppermint have been found dating back many thousands of years. Dried leaves were found by archeologists around the Egyptian pyramids and have been dated to the first millennium B.C. Of all the related species of mint, peppermint has the most noteworthy medicinal properties. This plant’s essential oil is a powerful antiseptic and muscle relaxant.

A 033    Jar of 20 beads

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