Essential Oils Heating Concentrate for Joints – Chinese Roll-On

This Roll'on dispenser is a concentrated cream rich in essential oils renowned for their purifying and relaxing properties. It is rich in essence of coriander, marjoram, eucalyptus, wild mint, and ginger, making it a particularly effective product. The practical roll-on applicator lets you apply the cream precisely where needed, massaging the area using the roller ball. Rediscover a soothing sensation of wellbeing.

Tips from Solifa
Apply the roll-on directly to the sensitive area to be treated, using light pressure and a gentle massaging motion to stimulate microcirculation.

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The essential oils are distilled from these plants in such a way as to ensure the most important active ingredients are extracted and preserved. These botanical essences have been widely used in cosmetics and aromatherapy, and have been a part of traditional medicine for eons. They were recognized and used by the Romans and Egyptians thousands of years ago. 

C 153    60 ml roll-on dispenser

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