Tips from Solifa

Inner beauty is also expressed by the body and, to maintain this beauty, Solifa creates body care lines that guarantee your comfort and wellbeing every day, along with helpful guidance and tips to make personal care easy and enjoyable.

A healthy lifestyle includes regular physical activity and a balanced diet is strongly recommended to help you stay in shape, both physically and psychologically.

Solifa has the solutions you need to relieve your daily aches and pains and bring you a feeling of wellbeing and comfort with ease.

Your skin changes with age and, over time, loses its elasticity. Your body deserves special attention, and moisturizing is the “first aid” treatment your skin needs most.

Your face is a window to your inner and outer health. Our facial skincare products will help your complexion once again become radiant, soft, and smooth.

Your hands need soothing and protection to help them recover the many harsh encounters they have each day, and prevent those of tomorrow.

Your feet and legs take you everywhere and anywhere, and are equally deserving of special treatment with products made just for them.

In addition to the line’s many skincare treatments, Solifa also offers a range of health and beauty accessories to make your daily life easier.

Feel free to contact our Solifa health and beauty advisers with any questions you may have. They can be reached by e-mail at and take great pleasure in guiding and informing Solifa customers about Solifa products.