Cooling Gel for Legs

This super-refreshing Cooling Gel is made with green coffee and black tea extracts, used in cosmetics for their stimulating properties. It relaxes legs while it reenergizes and promotes muscular recovery.

Tips from Solifa
Apply Cooling Gel in a thin layer, without excess, while lightly massaging upward from the ankle the top of the leg.

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The coffee tree, originally from East Africa, is cultivated in Earth’s tropical zones. Its beans or seeds are the source of coffee, which has been consumed by mankind for more than a thousand years. Tea was discovered some 4,500 years ago in China. There are more than 3,000 varieties of this plant, all of which can be traced to the same plant, Camelia Sinensis. Tea has proven qualities that are often used in cosmetics to bring about tremendous wellbeing.

C 637    100 ml tube

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