Relax’ Feet - Lavender

Relax’Feet is a dissolving bead rich in lavender essential oil, with cleansing and deodorizing properties that help feet experience true wellbeing. These little lavender balls are the ideal solution for relaxing and refreshing world-weary feet!

Tips from Solifa
Drop a Relax’ Feet bead in a 5-liter basin of hot water. Let water cool slightly, then soak feet for about 10 minutes and massage gently.

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Lavender has been known and utilized for centuries. The Romans used it during their ablutions, and it is from that ritual that the plant earned its name: The term “lavender” comes from the Latin word “lavare,” meaning “to wash.” The best-known lavender is grown in Provence, in the South of France.

A 040    Jar of 20 beads

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